In-vessel Composting

Meeting the highest industry standards and fully BSI PAS 100 and QP certified, the in-vessel composting facility at Ridham has a full category 3 ABPR (Animal By-Products Regulations) license. The product is fully accredited by the State Veterinary Service and has been developed under guidance from Remade and WRAP.

Countrystyle’s in-vessel composting facilities are able to process a wide range of organic materials including:

  • Kitchen kerbside domestic collected organics
  • Catering waste including meat and fish
  • Local Authority CA site garden waste
  • Commercial fruit & vegetables
  • Liquid food waste

The In-vessel Composting Process

Organic waste is shredded and prepared to an appropriate homogenised mix.

The materials are loaded into fully enclosed in-vessel bunkers complete with ventilated floors and wireless data logging probes. Each bunker is equipped to send a constant stream of data back to the central control computer. The air from each bunker is extracted and piped into a natural bio-filter, cleansing the air before releasing it into the atmosphere.

Over a period of approximately one week, temperatures of 70oc are achieved and sustained for one hour. This procedure is managed at all times to comply with ABPR (Animal By-Products Regulations) and ensures the destruction of weed-seeds, pathogens and decomposition in a controlled, managed environment to ensure all EU composting standards are met.

The product is then moved from the in-vessel composting bunkers to nearby bays where the material is left to mature. During this phase of approximately 6 – 8 weeks of negative aeration, the product is temperature and moisture monitored via a high specification aeration system to produce a stabilised, rich in nutrient, peat-free product. The product is then screened and suitable for use as a soil improver suitable for agriculture and landscaping.

Our in-vessel composting facility is situated at our Ridham facility near Sittingbourne.


Ridham Dock Road


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Kent ME9 8SR

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